Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does It Work?
2. Can Wizard Uninstaller Really Remove "Any" Program?
3. How Much Does It Cost?
4. Will This Speed Up My PC?
5. What Kind Of Support Do I Get?


1. How does it work?

Wizard Uninstaller works in the same way a computer technician would to manually remove a program from your computer. When Windows removes any program, it always follows the same rules - which is to first remove any program files (which power the program) and then any registry keys (which link the program into Windows.

Wizard Uninstaller works by removing ever last trace of any program on your PC by first trying the traditional uninstaller that comes with the program... and if that doesn't work, it automatically removes all the files and registry keys that are related to the program... completely removing it from your computer. This is a proven method which Wizard Uninstaller makes incredibly simple.

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2. Can Wizard Uninstaller Really Remove "Any" Program?

Short answer: 'yes'.

Wizard Uninstaller follows a technique which has been used by thousands of computer technicians for many years, allowing you to remove any computer program manually. All computer programs have 2 parts which need to be removed - a set of program files, which makes the programs work in the first place, and a set of "links" into Windows, in the form of registry keys. These links tell Windows such information as what the program is called and where it is installed.

Our software has been designed to remove all these parts of every program, making your computer free of it without having to rely on the uninstaller that comes with the program, which can be very unreliable. This allows Wizard Uninstaller to remove literally any program you want.

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3. How much does it cost?

Wizard Uninstaller costs a one-time fee of $29.95 for unlimited users. This allows you to remove any program you want for all your computers and friends computers without having to pay anything else in the future.

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4. Will this speed up my PC?

By uninstalling programs which use vital system resources, such as Norton Antivirus, you can actually make your computer run a lot faster. Also, because Wizard Uninstaller removes all traces of the programs, it will give your computer less files to trawl through, speeding it up there as well.

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5. What kind of support do I get?

You get full 24/7 technical support for free with every purchase. You will be given exclusive contact information on the download page, allowing you to ask as many questions as you like.

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Questions? Contact us at support@wizarduninstaller.com

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